Birkenhead Park apply to return to the LDCC - SGM at Sefton Park
Wednesday 6th July 2011

Following wide ranging and detailed discussions, the Management Committee of the LDCC makes the following two interlinked proposals to member clubs.

The proposals will enable the LDCC to restore the total number of full member clubs within the competition to 36 in 2012 following the withdrawal of Moorfield and Southport Trinity CCs in 2011.

To this purpose and under the terms of the LDCC Constitution Pages 2 and 7, Items 3(g) and 8(a) and (b), a Special General Meeting of the LDCC is necessary and convened on Thursday 28th July 2011 at Sefton Park CC at 7:30 pm. It is noted that, constitutionally, any such decisions taken at the SGM must also be formally confirmed at the AGM in 2012.

Member clubs are reminded that attendance at such meeting is mandatory; club apologies cannot be given, non attendance will result in a fine being levied on that club.

All candidate clubs for admission to the LDCC in 2012 will be assessed in the same way before their final admission is confirmed. Assessment will require:

l The wish of the club to enter the LDCC;

l Reaching the required minimum LDCC Club and Ground mark (minimum mark as per 2011 for Division 2);

l Possession of current ClubMark certification;

l Possession of, or currently working towards, at least 2 coaches qualified and registered at ECB Level 2 or above;

l Possession of a minimum of a first and second XI and preferably a third XI;

l Possession of a current juniors section which competes in at least two local age group competitions.

It should be noted that these proposals are specific to season 2012 and that notification in respect of season 2013 onwards will follow in due course.

Proposal 1

"Birkenhead Park CC shall be admitted to Division 2 of the LDCC in January 2012."

Proposal 2

"The winner of a play off game arranged for the purpose at the end of season 2011 shall be admitted to Division 2 of the LDCC in January 2012. The play off will take place between the top eligible team from the Southport and District Cricket League and that from the Merseyside Cricket Competition."


In the event of Proposal 1 failing then Proposal 2 shall be modified to read that:

"The top eligible team from the Southport and District Cricket League and that from the Merseyside Cricket Competition shall be admitted to Division 2 of the LDCC in January 2012."

- - - - - -


Birkenhead Park Cricket Ground (pitch W-E)
top left: 3rd XI Ground (pitch NW-SE)

Birkenhead Park CC showing its close proximity to Birkenhead St Mary's CC

Birkenhead Park Cricket Club, established in 1846, were founder members of the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition.

'Park' as they are known, have one of the largest playing areas in local cricket. Not enclosed, it is part of the public Birkenhead Park and is adjacent to Birkenhead Park High School which uses the ground for its leisure activities. A football pitch separates it from Birkenhead St Mary's CC and through history, there has been an exchange of players between the clubs.

There are not any dedicated parking facilities at the ground and, as at Birkenhead St Mary's, cars have to be left at their owners' risk on the nearby perimeter road, Park Drive.

In the post war era, Birkenhead Park's 1st XI was a formidable team, winning the league seven times between 1955 and 1966, a period that included a spell of five successive titles (1960-1964) under the captaincy of the late Noel Overend.

A generation later, Park had a period in the eighties when they were in four Cheshire Knockout finals in five years and regularly appeared in the last sixteen of the National Knockout. They were LDCC champions in 1986, winning the title in the pavilion on August Bank Holiday Monday after rain had abandoned their match with Oxton, and 1988 when they pipped Oxton by one point. 1st XI champions

Many of Park's players went on to become Liverpool Competition legends, with in recent times, Tony Shillinglaw, Andy Hurworth, John Carpenter (who all played for Cheshire), Brian Jameson, Ken Crofton, Peter Carlton and Dave Turner to name a few. Turner is now the club's President.

Birkenhead Park Cricket Club underwent a transformation during 1993 with a new lounge, changing rooms and more importantly, the addition of a four/five lane net facility at the rear of the building which is also used by neighbouring clubs during the winter months. The improvements, carried out with the aid of grants from the Sports Council, Sports Foundation and Wirral Borough Council was finally opened in the autumn of 1994 by former West Indies and Lancashire captain, Clive Lloyd.

In 1997, Birkenhead Park CC decided to join fellow clubs Chester Boughton Hall, Neston and Oxton in leaving the LDCC to join the Cheshire County League from 1998. After mixed success, they were finally relegated to the Cheshire Cricket League at the end of 2010 and now play the likes of Alvanley, Ashley, Ashton on Mersey, Davenham, Hale Barns, Northwich, Oakmere, Prestbury, Runcorn, Trafford Metrovics, Weaverham, clubs with whom they have no association whatsoever. In the time taken to travel to most of these clubs, they could have arrived at many in the Competition.

The older Competition clubs will remember 'Park' for their fiercely competitive nature on the field and their friendship during the long evenings that followed.

- - - - - -

The League Cricket Conference state on page 6 of their 2011 publication under 'Code of Conduct on the Movement of Clubs':

Should a vacancy arise in a League, the vacancy, if it is to be filled, should be advertised in the local press, and the applications considered after reference to the applicant's present league.

Notice was given of clubs leaving but where were the advertisements for two new teams? They certainly didn't appear in the local press. Saying a club is leaving is not the same as advertising for one.